The Flower Farm by Phillipa Ashley

Flower Farm

Title:                                         The Flower Farm

Author:                                     Phillipa Ashley       

Publisher:                                Avon Books           

ISBN-10:                                    0008253390

ISBN-13:                                    978-0008253394

Date of Publication:             19th April 2018

Date of Review:                     2nd May 2018



Jess has lived at the idyllic flower farm on the Isles of Scilly her whole life. But when her boyfriend Adam leaves without explanation, Jess discovers that even her little slice of Cornish paradise can be lonely.

For the first time in Will’s life, he’s met someone he can’t stop thinking about. But nothing is simple when the woman of your dreams is working for you.

Gaby is running away from painful memories, and where could be more perfect than a remote island off the Cornish coast? But to put the past behind her, she must keep moving … however much she might want to stay.

My Review

Phillipa Ashley has the gift of being able to conjure up likeable and realistic characters that readers can empathise with: the Flower Farm is no exception.

From the outset the chemistry sparkles between Gaby and Will, not that either of them will admit it. With Will being a grumpy old goat at times, and pint-size Gaby being a strong independent woman, they’re both as stubborn as each other. There are times when you just feel like banging their heads together, but with Will’s future set on the farm, and with Gabby still running away from the heartbreak in her past, a future together seems very unlikely.

There’s lots of speculation and intrigue when Jess and Adam’s perfect relationship comes to a grinding halt after Adam suddenly starts receiving mysterious texts and then leaves the Cornish Isles. Just why did Adam leave? And Will Jess ever see him again? Will she ever forgive him? Or does Jess find true love elsewhere?

There’s lots going on in this well-written chillaxy read. I hope this review has whet your appetite for what’s to come when you read this great book.  I recommend this book for anybody who likes to read books by Carole Matthews or Jill Mansell.

This book has met all the requirements of Literature Love’s 5 star rating within its genre:

5 stars.jpegI absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I recommend you stop what you’re doing and go and buy this book now!  As well as having all the elements of a four-star review, this book transcends its genre. The language is original and compelling; characters jumped off the page; and twists in the plot left me gasping. This rare and exceptional book will be put forward for Literature Love’s top 10 books of the year.


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