Death Actually by Rosy Fenwicke

Death Actually

Title:                                           Death Actually

Author:                                      Rosy Fenwicke

Publisher:                                 Wonderful World

ISBN-10:                                     0473430983

ISBN-13:                                    978-0473430986

Date of Publication:              8th May 2018

Date of Review:                      17th June 2018



Maggie never wanted to go into the family business, but when her parents die suddenly and her husband has just abandoned her and their two small children, what choice does she have? With the support of her best friend Elka and her mentor Betty, she had to accept becoming a funeral director. Now Kate and Nick are grown and Maggie faces the prospect of a future without them.

It’s the middle of winter and Queenstown is full of skiers. Betty has just died and Elka needs surgery. Kate, back from London where she was an up and coming chef, won’t get out of bed. Nick feels guilty delivering fast food to an ex-champion skier, Lizzie, who is bitter about the injury which robbed her of glory. There is a movie star on location nearby who won’t listen to advice, and Maggie can’t seem to put a foot right with the new doctor in town.  People are dying and life goes on.


My Review

Set in Queenstown, New Zealand, Death Actually is an omniscient third-person narrative that tells the story of Maggie, a strong independent woman who has had to be both a mother and father to her two children, Kate and Nick. As a funeral director, she is far from stereo-typical, adding to her well-rounded and three-dimensional characterisation.

This well-written story is full of different characters; there is plenty of action and the author doesn’t shy away from some real gritty issues. As well as being both sad and funny, this is also an inspirational tale of making the best out of life before it’s too late.  Whilst there is plenty going on, the linear structure makes for an uncomplicated and chillaxy read and I would recommend this for anybody who likes Jill Mansell or Carole Matthews.

I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars within its genre of Women’s contemporary fiction.

4 stars

Literature Love’s four star rating means:

I really enjoyed this book. This book is highly recommended.  A well-structured narrative with three dimensional characters (not necessarily likeable). Plot is intriguing with twisty hooks.




Thank you to the author, Rosy Fenwicke, for an Advance Review Copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.




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